3 Tips to Get Better in Warframe Starting Today

3 Tips to Get Better in Warframe Starting Today - 3 Tips to Get Better in Warframe Starting Today

If you call yourself a gamer but you haven’t heard of Warframe, then you’ll have to rethink about what you call yourself. If you want to hear the gist on Warframe, you only need to know that it involves space ninjas. Sold yet?

It may be enough to interest you, but there are so many things about this game that are so interesting. It was created by Digital Extremes years ago, but at the start, it was nowhere near the amazing level where it is now.

Now, it has evolved into a massive slick ninja shooting game with Iron Man like suits.

For new players, it is easy to be overwhelmed though. It has been out for years. Worry not new Tenno, we’re here to offer you great strategies to ease you into your Warframe experience and have you gain the upper hand.

Here are several tips to get better in Warframe.

Clear the Grid

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When you start your journey as a Tenno, you will be presented with worlds to clear. Each world has different levels that have different missions that you can accomplish.

For certain Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games, sometimes people want to just grind and get better equipment and skills.

While you may do that, we actually don’t encourage this. The first thing you should do is follow the story path. Doing this will allow you to open up all the worlds, as well as all the locations on each planet.

Why is this important?

Well, at a certain point in the game you will be able to get random missions throughout the galaxy. These missions usually have great rewards attached to them.

These missions are time-based and vanish as fast as they come in. It may all be a lost opportunity by the time you get there.

Join a Clan

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Like in most MMORPGs, clans are important. It is no different in Warframe. Joining a clan will allow you to share resources and have friends to go on hard missions with.

In Warframe though, the game sort of encourages you to join a clan. This is because within a clan, you will find blueprints for weapons or sets of warframes that you won’t be able to access anywhere else outside the game.

Lastly, it’s just a great place to socialize. Why play alone when you can play with other people?

Grind Smart

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The final tip is to grind smart. People think that killing things is the only way to grind and level up. While they aren’t wrong, there are other faster ways you can level up.

For instance, on a spy mission, if you don’t get seen for a particular objective, you get a lot of experience.

You should also consider carrying only one weapon instead of bringing the whole arsenal. The reasoning here is that at the end of the level, the experience is split up into all the pieces of equipment that you brought.

If you only brought one then all the experience would go there. If you have a new weapon you want to max out quickly, consider bringing just that.

We hope that these strategies help you gain an edge when you start your Warframe experience. Did you know that gaming has some great health benefits? Find out more about what they are here. Want to try out a new game this year? Here’s two exciting releases you can look forward to.

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