3 Easy Stretches to Keep Online Gamers Healthy

3 Easy Stretches to Keep Online Gamers Healthy - 3 Easy Stretches to Keep Online Gamers Healthy

It is easy to keep playing video games for hours on end. This is especially true for massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG). The modern MMORPG is usually built as a massive world with numerous levels, skills, and pieces of equipment to earn.

Thus, the determined gamer will stay online and play for hours on end to earn these things and travel the far reaches of these digital worlds (and hopefully not neglecting their responsibilities in the process).

The act of playing video games may seem simple, but throughout long periods of time, it starts to affect the body especially if precautions are not taken and stretches are not done.

Let’s take a look at four easy stretches to keep online gamers healthy.

Spine Stretch

The first stretch we’ll take a look at will target the spine. For gamers, it is easy to remain in a slump or hunch when playing over long periods of time. If this behavior is prolonged, then it may cause problems to your body.

For some people, they just don’t know what having a straight spine feels like. In order to find it out, do this simple stretch.

While sitting on a chair, the first thing you do is slump forward all the way. In this stance, your spine is kind of folded. Then, start sitting up until you are hyper flexing your spine outward with your head being pulled back. Don’t try too hard and end up getting hurt though.

We’ve just gone through two extremes of spine positions. What we want is somewhere in the middle. Let go of your hyper flexing and find a place where your head is straight in relation to your spine.

Wrist Stretch

The wrist is particularly vulnerable when at a computer playing video games for a long period of time. The damage on the wrist can eventually lead to carpal tunnel which will make it hard for you to even open your hand.

Seated with a straight spine, hold your arm out with the palms facing the sky. With your other hand, reach under your other hand and start pulling your fingers down. Keep pulling as far as you can go. You should be feeling a stretch in your wrist.

Do this at least five separate times, with each set having six motions of this stretch.

As a tip, when you game or use the computer, don’t rest your wrist on the table. Instead, keep your elbows in and stuck to your ribs while your arms are straight as they reach for the mouse or keyboard.

Neck Stretch

Finally comes the neck stretch. Seated straight, first take your right hand and pull your head to the right. Don’t pull that hard though. Pull so that you feel the stretch in the neck area. Do so for the opposite side.

The key to this stretch is that you should always keep your shoulders pinned backward. Also, place your hand near the opposite side’s ear when you pull gently.

We hope that you use these stretches to stay healthy, so that you can continue to play the games you love. Perhaps while you stretch, you can check out the latest MMORPGs and get all fired up!

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