The Best Free Virtual Reality Games Available Right Now

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Virtual Reality Propagation

Propagation VR is a must-try if you enjoy horror games and survival shooters. The combination of survival horror and virtual reality creates a stressful and dreadful experience but good.

Propagation is a terrifying horror game that transports you to an apocalyptic subway where you must battle waves of scary monsters. You only have a shotgun and a pistol to defend yourself against zombies, mutant spiders, and other horrors. The gaming sessions run for about half an hour, and the intense experience will make you feel every second of it.

Aside from the original game, DLC is available that adds co-op play and voice chat.

There is only one map with four difficulty levels.
The amount of room you have in the real world limits your movement.
Weapons handling is realistic.
Co-op support is available for a price.

The Red Stare

Surveillance your neighbors, gather information and track down communist spies.

The Red Stare is a simple virtual reality game where you play as a secret spy. The action takes place in your virtual flat, where you receive information from your handler through fax and phone and keep watch of your neighbors’ every move.

This simple game puts your deductive reasoning skills to the test. Observe your targets, paying close attention to what they’re doing and what they have in their apartments, and gather enough proof to indicate who the communist spy is.

Keep in mind that you’ll need at least 21.5 meters of play space with 360-degree tracking.

A realistic point of view that corresponds to your own.
VR mechanics are easy to learn.
Your virtual space is scaled to fit your physical space.

The Lab

The Lab is a single application that combines several short VR games produced by Valve into one. If you’ve recently purchased VR equipment and are searching for a tutorial or introduction, this is the place to go.

Play fetch with your robot dog, defend a fortress with only a longbow, travel across space, and have a good time! The minigames are fascinating and teach you all about virtual reality gaming, and the Lab is arguably the greatest place to start with virtual reality.

A wide range of minigames with various gameplay techniques.
The best VR gaming introduction.
Non-gamers will enjoy the sightseeing opportunities.

Echo VR

Echo VR is one of the first and greatest mainstream sports games on the Oculus platform. The game’s goal is to score a goal by maneuvering with your team in a zero-gravity environment against an opposition team. It’s similar to football, except it gets your heart racing much faster.

Echo VR is a zero-g arena in a beautiful sci-fi scenario exclusive to the Oculus device. The movement system is simple and entertaining, but it is difficult to master. Overall, Echo VR is an excellent choice for both novices and experienced virtual reality users.


Zero-g experience in a science fiction setting.
Playing competitively will make you sweat.
Play by yourself or with your friends.
Participate in online tournaments to compete for prizes and to push yourself.

Rec Room

Meet new people from all around the world and hang out with them in their worlds by gathering your friends, creating games, and playing together.

Rec Room is a community platform that includes a game. It’s similar to a casual open-world MMO where you can meet new people, communicate, and play with them. Minigames such as laser tag, bowling, and paintball are available. Rec Room’s appeal lies in its capacity to construct practically anything you can think of.

Rec Room is a cross-platform game that can be played on PS3, Xbox 360, iOS, and other devices. You don’t have to devote all of your time to virtual reality.

Online multiplayer game with real-time interaction.
Avatar is editable.
Play a variety of community-made games or make your own.
Because of the cross-platform interoperability, the VR headset is not required.


VRChat is a similar virtual social meeting spot to Rec Room. Create your avatar, talk to strangers, play minigames, and build your tiny universe. Make new acquaintances while exploring thousands of community-driven worlds.

VRChat, on the other hand, focuses a lot more on the social aspects of the game. Thanks to eye-tracking, lip-syncing, and a comprehensive spectrum of emotes, you can express yourself almost as well as in real life through your avatar. Your avatar has a mouth and a face that match your expressions, making online socializing much more realistic.


Avatar with customizable face expressions and lip-sync.
A large selection of minigames.
Create your planet or explore the many ones available.

Virtual Reality Spider-Man: Far From Home

You’ve probably fantasized yourself swinging from building to building like Spiderman at some point in your life. Now you have the chance to do so in virtual reality!

Far From Home (Spider-Man) Virtual Reality is a great way to sling webs. The game’s goal is to scale the tall Manhattan buildings and enjoy the sense of freedom that comes with it. You can also blast webs at foes or race them instead of fighting them. The game is simple, but it is the only one that allows you to enjoy the thrills of web-slinging from rooftop to rooftop, and it will provide a swift rush.

Turn into Spiderman.
I am swinging physics simulation.
At the same time, you can sling and battle.

Exhilarating Roller Coasters

This VR feeling might be just what you require if you need a shot of adrenaline.

A virtual roller coaster trip, Epic Roller Coasters. Because it’s essentially a simulation, you won’t be doing anything about gaming. It simulates riding a roller coaster through lovely virtual settings, potentially causing motion sickness.

Epic Roller Coasters also has a shooter mode if you wish to interact more with the setting. Take a gun-toting ride and practice your target shooting along the way.

Simulation with physics.
Beautiful graphics and a variety of settings.
Shooter mode is optional.

Tag the Gorilla

In a fun game of tag, transform into a monkey and chase your buddies.

Although Gorilla Tag is still in Early Access, it provides a pleasant experience when played with others. Because you can only use your arms to run, jump, and climb, it will take time to become used to the controls. The game is easy to know, but mastering it is difficult.

However, because Gorilla Tag is one of the most popular online VR games, you’ll always be able to find a server to play on when your pals aren’t around. Keep in mind that the game is still in development, so that more features may be added in the future.


As a gorilla, parkour across the forest.
You can merely move your hands and arms; no buttons or sticks are required.
Chat with other players on the server and develop new game rules and strategies.

Meet the Medic in Surgeon Simulator VR

Although it’s merely a demo for the HTC Vive, Surgeon Simulator VR is one of the best virtual reality introductions (it also supports the Valve Index). It’s a simple and entertaining game in which you play as the doctor from Team Fortress 2, so you’re sure to enjoy it.

The game begins right away, without any tutorials or explanations. You must solve problems on your own. Thanks to the user-friendly UI and game mechanics, you can practice VR actions like grabbing goods, tapping buttons, and other fundamental gestures.


Virtual reality movement and controls are introduced in a fun way.
Play with a wide range of “medical” instruments.
Other VR headsets, such as the Oculus Rift S, are compatible, although no official support exists.

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