The Six Best Retro Gaming Consoles Available in 2022

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The Evercare, unlike most throwback consoles like Nintendo and Sony, is not confined to games from a single console. Instead, it aspires to be a one-stop-shop for all retro gaming, with competition for platforms as diverse as the Atari 2600, NES, and Mega Drive.

Whereas some consoles, such as the SNES original, only have about 20 games, the Evercade has a whopping 122 titles to choose from. As a result, the games are not included with the device and must be purchased separately in the form of ROM cartridges.

These cartridges, which hold a handful of games each and come with paper booklets with brief series history, are another throwback to a bygone period. Although the computer has a retro appearance, its feature set is decidedly modern. Evercare can be used as a handheld device with its clear LCD screen or connected to a television for upscaled visuals.

Thanks to its low pricing and an impressive variety of titles, the Evercaan is a terrific pick for anyone wishing to get into the retro gaming experience. The cartridge system may be inconvenient for those looking for a specific game to play, but the tradeoff is a more diverse retro gaming console.

Mini Sega Genesis

The Sega Genesis Mini is one of the most beautifully made retro systems. It’s practically a carbon copy of the original, albeit at a smaller scale. It even has a phony volume slider and cartridge flaps, albeit it’s far too small to fit your old game cartridges.

Aside from its authentic appearance, the Sega Genesis Mini is a great gaming device. Each vintage console’s 42 games have been tweaked to operate smoothly and faithfully reproduce their classic aesthetics. You can play Street Fighter 2 or Sonic the Hedgehog on the Genesis Mini with a wireless controller.

The game catalog is also more well-rounded than most similar products (cough, NES Classic, cough), with a well-designed UI makes finding them a breeze. The Sega Genesis Mini is a must-have console for enthusiasts of the Sega Genesis system, also known as the Mega Drive.

Classic Sony Playstation

Metal Gear Solid. Final Fantasy VII. Tekken 3. These game-changing titles cemented the Sony Playstation’s place as one of the greatest consoles. While the original Playstation is difficult to come by, the Sony Playstation Classic is a toned-down version that allows you to enjoy these games once more.

It doesn’t do a really good job at it, though. This antique console only has a handful of Playstation games, including some huge names like Gran Turismo and Tomb Raider. The performance is also lacking, with uneven emulation and graphics that appear out of place on modern television.

Unless you have a big desire to play the 20 or so titles available on the Sony Playstation Classic, you might be better off investing in a more complete, well-rounded retro gaming console.

Mini Neo Geo

While the Neo Geo Mini isn’t as well-known or as good as some of the other retro gaming systems on the market, it’s worth mentioning for its distinctive design. Instead of imitating a home console, SNK’s Neo Geo Mini attempts to recreate an arcade system.

Remember those big machines where you inserted a quarter and played until your character died? The Neo Geo was a line of arcade devices developed by SNK. These arcades were popular worldwide, including titles like The King of Fighters and Metal Slug.

SNK has attempted to recreate the arcade experience in a small package with the Neo Geo Mini. It’s a little arcade cabinet with a joystick and a small LCD screen that may be used to play games. It’s a little tight to play for long periods, but it looks beautiful and is as retro as it gets.

C64 Mini

The Commodore 64 isn’t a gaming machine, and it was an early home computer with 64 KB of RAM and better audio-visual quality than the current 8-bit machines. It also served as a video gaming platform due to its widespread popularity and powerful technology.

Impossible Mission and Uridium, for example, take advantage of the Commodore 64’s capabilities to produce stunning graphics and gameplay and are still considered classics today.

The C64 Mini is a miniature version of the Commodore 64, following other retro consoles’ footsteps. However, unlike other vintage consoles, the C64 can also be used as a computer, allowing you to install bespoke software and games.

It also includes 64 games that are ready to play right away and an old-school red joystick to round out the experience. The C64 Mini isn’t the best retro system, but it’s a well-designed trip back in time for fans of the Commodore 64 and its vintage games.

Nintendo Switc

“Isn’t Nintendo Switch a modern console?” you could ask. “How can it count as retro?” you might wonder. While the Switch is as fresh as they come, it also has classic gameplay.

Initially limited to a few NES games, the service has since extended to include the most popular NES and SNES games, allowing you to play them in full multiplayer mode. Games from the Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis can now be played on the Nintendo Switch, with a library of titles that will only grow over time.

Unlike the Wii’s Virtual Console, the best thing is that these games are not sold individually. Instead, a Nintendo Switch Online subscription offers you full access to the entire library of classic titles, all of which are ready to play. The games are software emulated, so they aren’t perfectly represented. But it’s a lower price to pay for the opportunity to play old favorites on a new platform.

Which Retro Console Is Worth Purchasing?

The Nintendo SNES Classic was widely regarded as the best retro gaming console until recently. After all, with genre-defining titles like Earthbound, Secret of Mana, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the 16-bit era is usually recognized as the golden age of retro gaming.

However, the NES and SNES Classic systems have been discontinued, making that option outdated. The Nintendo Switch is currently the finest alternative. You can play classic games with a modern design without paying extra for restricted traditional versions.

If you must have a dedicated retro gaming console, Evercade is the way to go. It comes the closest to recapturing the sensation of owning a console in the 1990s, thanks to its cartridge system and enormous game library.

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