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Hey folks,

Today has been a slow day for the cryptography guru's who decode the Niantic Project puzzles. At this point, they still have not uncovered any new passcodes today. If you haven't reviewed some of the passcodes added to the database recently, you should as we have added discovery information for some of them, e.g. 2wc2dalbyr2w2q.

Thursday Ingress Activation Code Contest

Greetings Agents,

Today, an operative uploaded the photo below from an NIA facility. It appears the NIA is planning a control field of some kind. We need your help in identifying the cities in the image. Also, we need to know what we are up against, so along with your response of the three cities, let us know the minimum portal level they will need to make the control field.

Winner, Passcode and Cyber Crime

Greetings Agents,

So today's contest ended quicker than I anticipated. User, moitoso, provided the correct answer within about 10 minutes of the contest going live. View Wednesday's Contest and Solution.

Today we started entering passcodes with information of how they were discovered if we know. You can head over to the Ingress Passcode Database to view the few entries we have created so far.

Wednesday Ingress Activation Code Contest

Hello Agents,

Today we intercepted the message below from an NIA courier. We need your help to decode what it says. First person to decode the message, will win an Ingress Activation Code. Please post your answers here.




+juliano moitoso figured it out in about 10 minutes.

Winners and Passcodes

Congrats to Ainen and Sherlock3000 for winning the contest today! Thank you to those that participated, I wish I had more invites to pass out beyond the three more contests to be held. Head to the original post to see the answer, Tuesday Contest.

Also, today's passcodes have been discovered, head to the Ingress Passcode Database to see them.

Tuesday Ingress Activation Code Contest

Since you guys like crashing my server, post your questions / answers in the G+ post for the contest. @ G+ Contest Post

Monday Ingress Activation Code Contest

Its time to kickoff today's contest. First person to come up with the answer we are looking for, wins an activation code. Every hour from when the contest starts that no one figures out the answer, I will post a new comment to the page giving you a hint. So if you are struggling, check back here.

Contest for Ingress Invitation Code

Greetings Agents,

We will kickoff the contest at 12PM EST (5PM GMT) today, less than 3 hours away. The contest will consist of a question and a clue. The first person to post the answer in the form of a comment on the contest page will receive an invitation code to Ingress.

We will have one of these contests every day starting at the same time from now until Friday. In order to be eligible for the contest, you will have needed to create an account on this site and have clicked the +1 button to the right.

Good luck!


Passcodes, Multilingual Content, Upcoming Contests and Other Changes to the Site

Greetings Agents,

So I have a few things to update you all on. The first, is I recognize that passcodes have become frustrating as by the time many of you get to them they are expired. So we have added a new expired field to the passcode database to decrease frustrations for you all. Also, we have enabled comments on passcodes, so if a passcode is listed as not expired, but it fails for you, then you can post a comment on the passcode and we can get it updated. Podcast

The podcast show,, has posted the episode that I was a guest in on their website. In this episode, I discuss Ingress and Ingress Field Guide with the host & co-hosts. View Episode 47 now.