Added an FAQ & Created a Google+ Page

So I recently added a new item to our Ingress FAQ, regarding the mind unit counts for the two factions. As it has been a topic of confusion in my circle of players and on social sites.

Also, I created a Google+ page to help connect this effort with players. Make sure you stop by and follow it! Ingress Field Guide on Google+


Added New Content, Server Upgrade & more

Today we added a new passcode to our Ingress Passcode Database, quantum48h.

Also, we added a new section to the Ingress Bootcamp Getting Started Guide, Factions!

Added two sections to the Ingress Bootcamp

I have added two new sections to the Ingress Bootcamp our Getting Started guide, Standard Issue Equipment and Mission Items.

Standard Issue Equipment discusses the Ingress mobile application and the Ingress Intel Map.

Mission Items provides a background on the items that you will acquire and utilize to complete your objectives.

New Ingress Passcodes

We have finished creating our Ingress Passcode database, which comprises of a complete list of passcodes that have been discovered to date. You can enter these passcodes into your mobile Ingress interface or the web Ingress interface.

First Post!

This is the very first blog post for Ingress Field Guide. This site will serve as a key resource for operatives entangled in the Niantic Project. The site features this blog, discussion forums, Ingress Bootcamp: A Getting Started guide, and an FAQ.

On the blog, we will post updates including new information that has been collected by PAC, updates to the Ingress system, tips and info on released Ingress codes. So check back often, as we will release news as it comes in.