Ingress Field Guide is a resource site for players of the popular augmented reality game from Niantic Labs (a division of Google) called Ingress. IFG was created by Christopher Mancini aka "lunger" on November 19th, 2012. Niantic Labs announced the closed beta of Ingress on November 16th, 2012 and Chris immediately applied for an invitation to the game. The next day, Chris received his invite and began playing through the weekend.

After the weekend had passed, Chris had many questions regarding game play and had trouble finding answers to the questions he was looking for. On Monday the 19th of November, Chris decided to organize what information he could find into a website and created Ingress Field Guide. Within two days, the site had been visited by over 1000 different people from all over the world and traffic was growing daily. The growth of traffic was difficult to maintain as the server that hosts the site needed to be upgraded and reconfigured several times.

The first piece of content that Chris created, is the Ingress Bootcamp. Essentially a getting started guide for new players. After that, he created the Ingress Passcode Database which provides a record of all passcodes that have been discovered from clues released within the Niantic Project Investigation.

Since the site has been launched, it has provided valuable information for thousands of players and continues to evolve into one of the top resources for Ingress gamers. This site is positioned to be a great resource for new gamers learning the game as well as a place where gamers can connect with members of their own faction.