Portal Key Rarity: A Good Thing

Change is not often received well. When change is made without explanation from the powers that be, it can be misunderstood and hated. Niantic Labs recently changed the game mechanics in Ingress regarding portal keys. Many of the beta players are frustrated with this change.

New Version of Ingress Scanner Released (v1.12.5)

Greetings Agents,

Today, Niantic Labs has released a new version of the Ingress Scanner. This new version fixes many bugs, implements an inventory cap, UI fixes, and performance improvements. If you have more than 2000 items, you may want to go burn some Xmp's on enemy towers or upgrade a bunch of portals before upgrading, or you may not be able to hack any portals until you are below the limit.


Multi Hack Exploit

EDIT: Apparently, this potentially has been fixed within the INGRESS game last night and will issue an immediate cooldown. Sorry folks. Post explaining updates

Greetings Agents,

New Content Section

Greetings Agents,

I have added a new section to the site dedicated to the Investigation of the Niantic Project conspiracy. To kickoff the new content section, I have created a Persons of Interest database and added Ben Jackland as the first person of interest. I will be adding more content as the days progress to get us all caught up.

Feel free to provide any feedback as what other content you would like to see within the Investigation content.


Results From Server Rebuild

Hello Agents

So today I finally was able to move the site to a new server build. I moved the site off of Amazon AWS because it was getting too pricey. The new server is built using Apache with FastCGI backend. Varnish offers a reverse proxy in front of Apache, which caches copies of the final HTML for the page, so Apache, PHP, and MySql doesn't have to be hit for every page load unless its necessary. Finally, Nginx stands in front of Varnish, which performs a bit better than Apache with large amounts of concurrent connections.

The results are pretty amazing so far. The server is handling the same volume of traffic on less resources and is performing way better. See the results in the graphs below.

Burned Agent

Greetings Agents,

Late last night, a document was leaked from the NIA that describes a burned agent. This agent had been in commercial buildings with confidential and sensitive documents. There is a list of zones that need to be scouted and observed for any strange activity. Suspicions lead to the possibility of Ingress passcodes being somewhere within these zones. One player reporting finding a sensitive document (a poster) inside a commercial office building. Here is a map listing the zones from the document. Please report your findings immediately.

Truthseeker and Klue clue?

This afternoon, I was contacted by a user named Truths33k3r. They said I would want to see a photo. They also created a Reddit account for the sole reason of posting the photo. The photo is below. Is this a Klue clue? Is Truths33k3r really PAC?


Sixteen Link Maximum

So, a G+ user tipped me off to OsloCity Hall in Oslo, Norway. That portal has 16 total links, 8 incoming and 8 outgoing. Because of this information, I have updated our Portals & Linking guide. You can view the Oslo City Hall portal yourself by visiting Ingress Intel Map and typing Oslo, Norway in the search box in the upper right hand corner.


Two Will Die = eid11732 ??

Klue seems to be onto something. What could eid11732 be?

New Content About Passcodes

You guys have been asking about this for some time and I have finally been able to oblige. The new content has been added to the Ingress Bootcamp: Getting Started Guide, and covers Passcodes & Passcode Discovery.

I will continue to add new passcodes with information on how they were discovered to the Passcode Database and update the new content section as I learn new information.