The podcast show,, has posted the episode that I was a guest in on their website. In this episode, I discuss Ingress and Ingress Field Guide with the host & co-hosts. View Episode 47 now.


Portal Build Calculator & New (Expired) Passcodes

This evening we launched our Ingress Portal Build Calculator. It is built using jQuery Mobile so it should be friendly to both desktops and mobile touch screen devices. Also, I opted to build it as a stand alone page outside of Drupal so that it loads quickly, especially if accessing from a mobile device.

Also, there were three new passcodes released, unfortunately by the time I got to them, they were already expired. If someone can post comments of what items they received from them, so then I can record them in the database, I would appreciate it. The codes were:

  • einstein49r
  • 6sa4adap5u4u
  • 5ye9xmt3u3u

Please provide feedback in the forums of what you think of the calculator and if there are any changes you would like to suggest, I would appreciate it.


RFC (Request for Change) to Ingress Game Play

So, because of the explosive popularity of this site, I have not had much time myself to go out and play. A co-worker and I got out today and discovered a few things that concerned me about the game play of Ingress. These issues, I think will cause people to play the game in a fashion that seems illogical, so I am writing this post to request change to the game play from Niantic Labs. If you agree with my requests in this post, please share this post with as many people as you can so that we can get Google's attention.

Changes to Ingress Passcodes?

It has come to light via comments on my recent Google+ post and a post by Ingression, that the nature of Ingress Passcodes may have changed. It appears that passcodes are now limited in use, most likely to decrease the dilution of the game due to passcode lists like the Passcode Database on this site and the Google Doc that has been floating around.

New Passcode, New Content & Two Special Announcements

Exciting post today! A new passcode has been discovered, ezekiel27w. Added new content to the Ingress Bootcamp: Getting Started Guide, What is Ingress & The Niantic Project.

Now for the big news! Tonight I recorded a podcast with Geekster.TV to discuss Ingress and our site. The show was great! It will be episode 47 and available on the site no later than Sunday. I will post here when it is up.

New Forums, New Content & a New Passcode

Hello Agents,

I hope this message reaches you. Today we added new Ingress Player Forums to cater to players in Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Hopefully these forums will help agents coordinate raids and defenses against the enemy. Also, we are looking for a bit of advice for dividing up South America into regions for including them in the forums as well.

We added new content to the Ingress Bootcamp: Getting Started Guide, Defending Portals From Enemy Attack. This new content should provide you with the knowledge to effectively prepare your portal assets for an attack as well as protocol to follow during an attack.

New Fields for User Accounts

I added some new fields to user accounts, Faction, Location and Passcode Updates. I plan to enhance the site using these new fields. I plan to add users faction and location as part of user posts to the forum and comments on the site.

The Passcode Updates field is a on/off checkbox field to indicate if you want to receive email notifications when new passcodes are added to our Ingress Passcode Database. This is a feature we intend to implement in the near future, but in the meantime I am creating the field so that I can see how many people would like to opt-in to this feature.When you have time, please go into your account and update these fields.


New Content and Content Updates

Tonight, as requested by a viewer, I released new content to the Ingress Bootcamp Getting Started Guide, Xmp Bursters & Attacking Enemy Portals.

Also, a user of the site pointed out some flaws in the Portals & Linking section, so I have researched the mistakes and updated the content. The flaw was with determining the appropriate portal linking range for each level.

At the moment, no new passcodes to report, if you find any, please post the new portal code in the Passcode Submission forum.

Getting an Ingress Invite Code

So, many people are looking for game invites, sadly, I don't have any to offer, but I do have some advice that might help you nab an invite sooner than later.

The first thing you should do is head over to the Investigation Board and on the right hand side, submit your email for an invite.

New Content & Happy Turkey Day!

Tonight, as requested by a viewer, I released new content to the Ingress Bootcamp Getting Started Guide, Portals & Linking. This guide has information regarding how to level up a portal, how many of each different level resonators can be placed on a portal, and the maximum range per portal level when attempting to link.

Also, a visitor sent me an email regarding an error in my content so that I could fix it. I want to say thank you! I setup a section for posting feedback and errors found on the site in the forum. Please feel free to post there if you notice issues.