Mission Items

Items are incredibly important to the success of the mission. There are several different types of items an agent can acquire. Some items have "Access Levels" associated with them which determine their strength and the "Access Level" required of the agent so that they can be used.

Items can be acquired via two methods: hacking a portal and entering a Passcode. Hacking portals is the most common way to acquire items. You can hack any portal and then must wait until a portal's cooldown has ended before it can be hacked a second, third, and fourth time, etc. Passcodes can be entered into the Ingress mobile app or in the Ingress Intel Map interface. They are codes that have been discovered via media items, the Field Trip app, or some other means. Visit our Ingress Passcode Database to view current valid passcodes to get you started with the game.

A high energy particle accelerator that is used to control the XM energy emitted by Portals. Deploying a Resonator on a Portal allows you to claim the Portal for your Faction. Resonators come in varying levels from L1 up to L8. Using a higher level resonator on a portal will increase the power of the portal. Higher level portals can link with other portals at further distances and yield higher level items when hacked.
XMP Burster
Non-polarized energy field weapon. Fires off in moving wave of 360 radius. As the weapon is upgraded, the energy wave’s power and radius of effect grow larger. Like Resonators, XMPs come in varying levels from L1 up to L8.
Portal Key
A Portal key is a signature that can be used to link one portal to another and allow you to recharge a portal's resonators remotely. The destination portal key is consumed in the linking process.
Media items like emails, letters, pictures and videos can be uncovered through hacking portals which provide clues to truly understanding the Niantic Project.
Portal Shield
A type of MOD that can be installed on a Portal to increase its defense against attacks. You can deploy up to 4 shields per portal, but each shield has diminished effect after the first one.
Jarvis Virus / ADA Refactor
These items can be used to flip the faction of a portal. Change a portal's control from Enlightened to Resistance or visa versa.
Power Cubes
Power Cubes are items that contain a large amount of XM to recharge your XM reserves. They have levels from 1 to 8 and increase in capacity 1000 XM per level. Great for players in rural areas.
  • L1 Power Cube = 1000 XM
  • L2 Power Cube = 2000 XM
  • L3 Power Cube = 3000 XM
  • L4 Power Cube = 4000 XM
  • L5 Power Cube = 5000 XM
  • L6 Power Cube = 6000 XM
  • L7 Power Cube = 7000 XM
  • L8 Power Cube = 8000 XM