Our Ingress missions are important, but even more important is returning home safely every day. Already, many stories have been shared with me that have been quite close calls and I don't want to read a news article of an Ingress agent's life cut short. This section will cover safety tips that will hopefully increase the probability that you will complete your mission without danger.

  1. Don't travel with your eyes locked on your device (unless your the passenger). This applies to all forms of travel (car, foot, bicycle, and motorcycle). It is not worth the risk of stepping into an oncoming car, burning through a red light, or even just walking into a fire hydrant and dropping your scanner onto the pavement. Keep your head up!
  2. Agents often travel with valuable gear into areas that are unfamiliar to them. A good agent will routinely scan their surroundings for threats. These threats don't just include an opposing faction agent charging up some XMP's on your portals. Watch out for anyone who is watching you and make sure that you try to stay in areas that are open, well lit and always be aware of where you could escape to in the event you did need to run.
  3. If traveling solo, do your best to let someone close to you know where you are headed and when you expect to be home. In the event that something did happen to you, authorities will have a better shot at coming to your aid sooner if they know where to look.
  4. Ingress is more than just a game, it has allowed people all over the world to meet and develop new relationships with a common interest. This also means that sometimes you will meet someone who has a little less regard for their safety and yours. Never allow yourself to feel trapped if you are traveling with someone who taking risks that you don't want to be involved in. For example, they are driving and looking for portals while the tires are still rolling. Speak up and ask them to stop, if they won't, ask them to drop you off at a public spot so you can call a cab. It is not worth it.
  5. When patroling your territory at night, always wear clothing that helps other travelers spot you in low light.
  6. Bring plenty of water as dehydration is surprisingly dangerous especially when traveling alone.
  7. It's always exciting to find new portals or to come across one of yours that has been taken by an enemy, but do your best not to make erradic movements that might not give travelers around you time to react. There is no reason to deal with trading insurance information just to catch a new portal.
  8. Brush up on self defense techniques and practice them regularly. Depending on your local government laws, carrying a self defense device like a stun gun may not be a bad idea either. Use your best judgement and choose wisely.
  9. Plan your route in advance. This will reduce any chances for you getting lost or making spontaneous changes in direction.