A shift of 2 gives b29xnofun1xbs2lu
Doesn't have the normal passcode pattern. But the nofun bit is interesting.

If you base64 decode: Z29vlmdsL1VZQ2JS

You get: goo–gl/UYCbR

Going to:

Takes you here where you'll find two Niantic sound files.

Currently I get "Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time." when I try to download them.

Update: Google does let me download previous revisions of the two files. Both tracks say:

"Do not give up truthseekers, you hold the key to unlock the truth and make sure what happen in Zurich does not happen in any other town."

I think there is something with number 7, file name: time.mp3, title: "duration", author: "truthseeker", track number: 7, duration: 00:00:07


There's also a comment field on the mp3 that says: 27/12/2012

And this document talking about Zurich was uploaded to the Niantic Project website on that date:

Page 7 doesn't seem relevant (since we're on a theme).
The talent agency header logo (top line) looks suspicious).
There's also a sideways page under the last page mentioning CERN.
There's also the blue-filter suggested by the original image (but I've got no photo manip on this machine).

Two passcodes were found on page 1 of that document back when it was first posted. One was in the logo (adjust contrast), the other was in a series of dots along the yellow section at the bottom of the first page (binary).

maybe we should do a portal view in the hack ingress terminal for the zurich bahnhofplatz portal.
gotta go feed my kids; i'll be back.