Greetings Agents,

Today I released a few new features to the site and updated the Passcode Database with this past weekends passcodes. There were four passcodes discovered between Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately they are expired, but since there were only four, I suspect there are one or two undiscovered passcodes still in the wild. So keep your eyes sharp for a new clue to direct us towards them from someone within the Niantic Project, possibly another Klue clue from truths33k3r.

The first feature I added today was a About Ingress Field Guide page which provides a little bit of information and history about this site. I will update this page as the site evolves.

The second feature I added today was related to some traffic I noticed within the sites access logs. It appears the Passcode Database is being visited frequently by a bot (script designed to scrape content from a page). Since a script does not need the full theme of the site (javascript / CSS), I have created a dedicated XML feed for passcodes that are published to the site. This will reduce the bot from impacting the sites overall performance. The feed can be accessed here: