Greetings Agents,

New information has been leaked from the Niantic Project that leads us to believe that an update to the Ingress Scanner will be released. A document titled Recharging and Upgrading has been leaked that provides details that agents will now receive AP for recharging and upgrading resonators. This is excellent news and will completely evolve our activity as agents. Here is an excerpt:

Lynton-Wolfe:  Yes.
I'm quite pleased about it. I will be rolling it out in a few hours.
The fact that the operatives, the so called players, will receive AP for utilizing the remote resonator recharge and resonator upgrade technologies should (in theory) encourage maintenance of portals, which is wonderful for our XM harvesting need.
I'll be making this a required update for all active scanners later this week.



Also worth mentioning that AP are given for both remote and field recharge.

And AP for upgrade are only given if you upgrade someone else’s portal, not your own.