Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Ingress and the Niantic Project.
What mobile device platforms will Ingress work on?
Ingress is designed for Android based devices only.
Does Ingress work on tablets?
Ingress will work on a tablet, but it requires an active data connection while traveling to portal locations. So you would need to be in range of a WiFi hot spot or have a built in 3G or equivalent data card.
How can I tell which faction I joined?
There are several elements of the game that signify a players faction loyalty, e.g. the octagon around your Access Level, the color of the portals you capture, your "you are here" marker on the map, and the color of your handle within the comm all reflect your faction. Blue is for Resistance and Green is for Enlightened.
Why did the number of Enlightened or Resistance members go down?
The number you are referring too is not the number of enlightened or resistance players, but rather the number of mind units that are controlled by each faction. It is essentially the factions score and you increase this score by linking three portals together, creating a control field. The larger the area covered by the control field, the larger score (and AP) that will be granted. If a factions score has gone down, a control field has been broken by lack of recharging resonators or an opponent attack.
One of my portals says it is burned out, wth happened?
As you know, portals have a cool down after a successful hack attempt. That cooldown is 5 mins or in game terms 300s. The portals also have another restriction, they cannot be hacked by YOU more than 4 times within a four hour time frame, the portal will enter "burned out" mode and will become unusable to YOU only. At this point, the assumption is that the four hour time frame is triggered by your first hack attempt, but we are not certain.
I receive INVALID_CODE when entering a passcode into the Ingress Scanner application?
This message is displayed for passcodes that have already expired. If you enter the same passcode into the Ingress Intel Map, it should display ALREADY_REDEEMED.
I entered in a passcode and received the message PLAYER_ALREADY_REDEEMED?
This means that you specifically have already redeemed this passcode
Is there a maximum number of resonators, xmp bursters and portal keys I can have in inventory?
Yes, the maximum is 2000 items.
Will having portal keys for portals that are currently controlled by the enemy hurt me?
No, they will not hurt you, they will only use one of your 2000 inventory spots.