This is the very first blog post for Ingress Field Guide. This site will serve as a key resource for operatives entangled in the Niantic Project. The site features this blog, discussion forums, Ingress Bootcamp: A Getting Started guide, and an FAQ.

On the blog, we will post updates including new information that has been collected by PAC, updates to the Ingress system, tips and info on released Ingress codes. So check back often, as we will release news as it comes in.

The discussion forums will serve as a place for you to ask questions about the project, get help with an issue, or develop a strategy with members of your faction.

The Ingress Bootcamp guide is the ultimate resource for someone who has just been recruited and is not sure where to start.

Finally the FAQ is exactly what it means, a place for us to display frequently asked questions to save both the answer seeker and the community time.

As I close this post, please remember to pay attention to the environment around you. I am sure Google nor myself want to read a story about someone being struck by a car while attempting to capture an imaginary portal...

With that note, see you in the game!