So, many people are looking for game invites, sadly, I don't have any to offer, but I do have some advice that might help you nab an invite sooner than later.

The first thing you should do is head over to the Investigation Board and on the right hand side, submit your email for an invite.

Next, you should follow the following people & pages as they sometimes give out codes:

The employees will reward users on G+ for posting neat images with the Niantic Project logo in them. If you post in the hopes of receiving an invite, make sure you include the "ingress" tag, and specifically include the above employees in the message.

Another source, invite codes are sometimes handed out in the IRC channel #invites on IRCHighWay. Typically there is a challenge or trivia question you need to solve, if you do, you win a code.

Also, if we get any Ingress invite codes, we will post them right here in the blog, so make sure to check back often.