Greetings Agents,

I know it has been some time, but I have good news. I have released new content and a new content section as can be seen in the navbar above, Ingress Strategy Guides. The first strategy guide released, is a Ingress Strategy Guide for Rural Players. This strategy guide is geared at providing tips for players in smaller towns where the portals are few and far between. Also, I have updated a few of the pages around the site with the most recent information of game play. As usual, if you find any inaccurate or missing information, please let me know so i can get it updated.

Also, yesterday, I moved this website to a new server with a different hosting provider, Digital Ocean. This new server is significantly faster, shaving off about 300ms the average response time even though it is using less RAM and CPU cores. The key is SSD storage and a better network infrastructure. I certainly recommend them for anyone else looking for reliable, scalable and inexpensive cloud storage. For those interested, this website is powered by 2 of their $5 / month instances, one for the webserver & memcache and the other for the database server.

Finally, I added a new item to the Ingress Recommended Gear Guide. Proper warmth is important, so is having plenty of storage for gadgets while on the move. SCOTTEVEST has been recommended to me for having quality gear. They are a little pricey, but they have excellent reviews and a good two year warranty that is cost free for the customer (free return shipping). They also had an appearance on the TV series Shark Tank.