Greetings Agents,

It is my pleasure to announce a major new feature for the site. This feature should make it easier for agents to be up to date with the latest progress of the Niantic Project Investigation. Today, we are making available to the public our Niantic Project Investigation Log. This new tool collects data from specific sources that contain documents and media related to the investigation. It is running continuously and has the ability to send a notification email when new entries have been recorded.

Sources currently include the Niantic Project Site and a few Google Plus profiles related to the investigation like Hubert Farlowe. We intend to add more sources to the data collector over the next few days.

To sign up for notifications when new information is available about the Niantic Project, visit your Account Page and then update your user settings to receive "Investigation Log Updates".

As usual, please notify me if you notice any issues / bugs with the new tool as well as any recommendations for upgrades.

Also, to celebrate this announcement (and its my birthday today too!), we are giving away an Ingress Activation Code. There is no puzzle this time, merely find the announcement post on the Ingress Field Guide GPlus Page, and share it to enter the contest. I will randomly select one person from the list of G+ users who share that post to receive an invite code.