Greetings Agents,

USB Rechargeable Micro Flashlight This morning I have added a new item to the Ingress Recommended Gear guide. The new item is a USB Rechargeable Micro Flashlight from I decided to add this item to the guide because it is lightweight, has good reviews in the comments and has a rechargeable battery. Its a great tool to have when you need to reach that portal off the beaten path when the sun has gone down.

As always, I am interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions on what other gear you find useful while Ingress'ing.



I got a few Hexbrights from the Kickstarter project, and I love it. It does cost eleven times as much as the mini-torch, but it's very flexible, and immensely powerful! I keep mine in a mesh pocket on my backpack, and its highest setting is bright enough to serve as a bike headlight.

My Hexbright:

I use the Anker Astro E4 external battery for my devices when i travel. This mighty 13000mAh battery has a build-in flashlight. I suspect it will come quite handy when my Ingress adventures pick up.