Exciting post today! A new passcode has been discovered, ezekiel27w. Added new content to the Ingress Bootcamp: Getting Started Guide, What is Ingress & The Niantic Project.

Now for the big news! Tonight I recorded a podcast with Geekster.TV to discuss Ingress and our site. The show was great! It will be episode 47 and available on the site no later than Sunday. I will post here when it is up.

Now for the EVEN bigger news! Next week we will be hosting a scavenger hunt and there will be a nice prize for four lucky people, invitation codes to Ingress! In order to be eligible for the contest, you will need to have a user account on this site and have +1'd the site. So, get signed up and click that +1 button and check back often for more details on the contest.



passcode does not work for me

Strange, I would contact Google @ http://support.google.com/ingress since it has worked for me.


Passcode isn't working.....