Greetings Agents,

So I have a few things to update you all on. The first, is I recognize that passcodes have become frustrating as by the time many of you get to them they are expired. So we have added a new expired field to the passcode database to decrease frustrations for you all. Also, we have enabled comments on passcodes, so if a passcode is listed as not expired, but it fails for you, then you can post a comment on the passcode and we can get it updated.

Next week we will be publishing content on how passcodes are discovered and tips to help you contribute to their discovery. Also, we will begin adding translations to the site for our Ingress Bootcamp: Getting Started Guide. We should have German first, then Spanish and hopefully French soon to follow. These will automatically display for you if your language settings in your browser are set to either of those languages or if you specify those languages in your user account.

Starting Monday, we will host a daily online scavanger hunt and up for grabs will be an Ingress invitation code. We should be able to run a contest each day of the entire week. We will release the full details of the contests early Monday, so stay tuned.

Also, we will be making some tweaks to the sites ads. As much as I hate too, I need to improve ad revenue for the site for two main reasons. The first, is that due to the traffic for this site, my server costs are now three times more expensive than they were before this site launched and I am concerned that when the game emerges from closed beta I may need to upgrade more. Currently, the ad revenue is a little shy of covering the cost of the server. The second, is that I want to offer more to the users of this site, like run fun surveys (Survey Monkey costs $17 a month), develop an Android companion app (Google registration fees), and more. I will do my best to make them not very intrusive, but you will most likely notice some tweaking.



Sounds good, bro. Keep it up.