This evening we launched our Ingress Portal Build Calculator. It is built using jQuery Mobile so it should be friendly to both desktops and mobile touch screen devices. Also, I opted to build it as a stand alone page outside of Drupal so that it loads quickly, especially if accessing from a mobile device.

Also, there were three new passcodes released, unfortunately by the time I got to them, they were already expired. If someone can post comments of what items they received from them, so then I can record them in the database, I would appreciate it. The codes were:

  • einstein49r
  • 6sa4adap5u4u
  • 5ye9xmt3u3u

Please provide feedback in the forums of what you think of the calculator and if there are any changes you would like to suggest, I would appreciate it.



There's some weird output if you put in 8 players and a 655 KM link - it indicates that "-6" L1 resonators are required?

Looks like it only happens with certain sequential calculations

Thanks for the information Binks, I will look into the issue.