So, because of the explosive popularity of this site, I have not had much time myself to go out and play. A co-worker and I got out today and discovered a few things that concerned me about the game play of Ingress. These issues, I think will cause people to play the game in a fashion that seems illogical, so I am writing this post to request change to the game play from Niantic Labs. If you agree with my requests in this post, please share this post with as many people as you can so that we can get Google's attention.

Requests for Change

Enable earning of Action Points (AP) for support actions:
I work in Uptown Charlotte and the area is predominantly Resistance, so much so, that there isn't an Enlightened portal to be found. Initially, I am thinking this is awesome, this is Resistance land! Then I realized, I am not earning ANY AP to support the ground we have already claimed. This was a huge disappointment. One reason I like Battlefield 3, is that experience and rewards are given to all players in the game, regardless of their role. Pilots of vehicles get experience for every kill their gunner gets. Medics get experience for reviving other players. Support get experience for providing ammo to teammates. This concept is completely missing in Ingress at the moment.

    Activities you will not receive AP for include:
  • Hacking one of your own faction's portals
  • Upgrading a resonator to a more powerful resonator
  • Recharging resonators

This game play is causing players to find ways around not being able to level up by removing shields and adding new ones in their place and other activities that decrease, well the fun of the game.

Limit passcodes to those who have acquired its source media:
This will allow sites like mine, to still list all of the individual passcodes available without diluting the importance of media. You can even have rare pieces of media offer passcodes that yield more and better items.

Fix the exploit that allows players to acquire more than one Portal Key per portal:

Players have found that if you drop your portal key, you can hack the portal to get a new one, then pickup the portal key you dropped previously. This is an exploit and should be fixed as it alters the game dynamics that were originally intended.

That's it for my RFC, if you don't agree with me on any of these, please mention why in the comments below.



Though i do agree with your thoughts on enable earning of Action Points (AP) for support actions, I don't know that I totally agree with your thoughts to fix the exploit that allows players to acquire more than one Portal Key per portal. I think that limitations or restrictions should be put into place however I myself worked on setting up a large field last night and was planning on setting up a long link and after i got to the last leg of my connection I realized that i accidently dropped the portal key that would have linked all my work tougher. I am planning on going back tonight after work to pick it up and make my connecting field.

I do like the feedback and hope you get some traction in making some changes and would like to also include a few thoughts of my own.

• I wish I could create a Contact List and communicate directly with contacts in the program
• I wish I could review distances map out a route from the website (ingress/intel) and send it to my phone and other contacts
• I wish you could locate enemy's and hack/pillage inventory
• I wish you could establish a safe house for more Long Term Drops
• I wish we had sub categories in our Inventory Items to separate XMP's, Resignators, Shields, Media, and Keys.

I imagine that one can get so wrapped up in game play, doing things in a certain order so as to maximize, or think you are maximizing your benefit for time spent, that one would not notice the instances where you do not get AP's, seems logical that if you contribute you should get something for your effort, so I agree with RGROLE and yourself.
Some game's exploit is another game's feature and it is useful in planning for your own play or sharing resources with others to be able to have the ability to retain multiple keys, so I too disagree with you on that one.
So play the game as it is set forth and if they change it, they change it and we all will adapt.
As for limiting the passcodes, that's a toss up. Again we will adapt.
Thanks for maintaining the site, it makes me more aware of all the things that are going on within the game.

I agree with the support functions needing some AP incentive. Honestly, I can't believe that was overlooked. I imagine castes within the game that are dedicated to only that- when the game takes off and gets organized.

The passcodes honestly don't make or break the game at all. It wouldn't bother me at all to not have them, but it doesn't hurt anything either. In fact, as I understand things now, a new player can even "skip" level 1. I think that is great for rural players like me where it is not possible to walk between portals- and thus not possible to link them before at least level 2.

Lastly your portal key duplication

Again, for rural players like me, to not be able to gather duplicates would require countless hours or driving or public transportation for every control field created. If anything we should not have to drop them to acquire new ones.

Just my two cents.

As of yesterday, passcodes no longer have unlimited uses. After an undisclosed amount of people use them, they expire. It's possible ALL the passcodes we're aware of are expired now.

I am also against making Portal Keys unique. It adds nothing but grind to the game, and grind is not fun. We should be able to pick multiples without having to drop one first.

I am in the same situation, none of my nearby portals can help me get more XP . -
and contrubuting by recharging is not rewarded ? - that's just not right.

I live in an area where you are forced to drive to portal locations. I have found some portals many, many miles away from my home base that would make great hub portals so it is great that I can plan one trip out there and grab a bunch of keys for use later when I find portals closer to me to link to that hub. If I had to go back to this hub every single time I find a new portal to link it to this game then becomes too expensive to play (gas prices) as well as wasteful.

They should just remove the dropping keys to get a key. I don't believe this multiple portal keys thing is a glitch, they did this by design. I say leave it in.

Thanks for all of the feedback guys!

So, I can understand how driving back and forth to get keys would be difficult and since I live in a rural town outside Charlotte, NC, I can appreciate it. But the point of the game is team work, and as more players enter the game, you will depend on teammates to help you link portals. Which I perceive to be the main reason they limited portal keys in the first place.

I still believe being able to acquire a second portal key via dropping one is a glitch. I am a software engineer and in a game like this, all the programming happens based on events. Hacking a portal is an event and the engineer who programmed that event, deliberately verified if the player already has the portal key to not give him a second one. Acquiring an item that has been dropped is also an event, most likely programmed by a different engineer. The two events offer inconsistent behaviors and acquiring a second key by dropping one out of inventory does not add any value to the gameplay or experience, so I feel that it is a glitch. Remember, its a beta and they haven't figured everything out yet.

I think it is important though to have a small limit on portal keys, otherwise people would always be able to remotely defend their portals from attack via recharging them. Limiting them increases the likely hood that controlled land will be contested in regions.

I think linking passcodes to their source media would add value to the game because it would make people go out and hack even when they have ample inventory to hunt for specific media drops. Just an opinion.

RGROLE: I like many of your ideas for new features, I hope they get implemented.


I agree completely with the notion of getting AP for support roles. In my city, there aren't a lot of players of on either side yet. We've lost a few portals simply because they aren't near one of the two active enlightenment players, or one of the two active Resistance members.

Therefore, the game is very much a battle of attrition. People take things and then can't get enough XM to support them; or they're out of the way enough that the effort required for a thankless task like that just isn't fun anymore. Upgrading portals and recharging are absolutely vital; but they're treated like throw-away tasks.

If portals were constantly being battled for, and a new side was always taking control, then the value of recharging would be somewhat reduced.

As a "late" player I greatly appreciated having the unlimited passcodes; I was able to become a "contributing" player that much faster since I was able to hop almost directly to level 2. When I first started playing the game my faction has control of almost all of the city. Combined with the lack of AP for support, it meant that there was almost no way to level up.

I think we either need passcodes to help bring in early players, or AP for support. My preference would be the latter.

I agree with all of the points you made except the part about portal keys. I also think that having multiple keys to the same portal is silly. To me, keys should act like ssh keys in the real world, you can access the portal from anywhere and they never expire. This way you can travel around and link as many other portals back to the original one you have the key for without having to make several trips back to get more keys. Basically, you should only be able to carry a single key for a portal and they never expire no matter how many times you use them to create links.

Another problem I see with keys, is that you drop them when you decide to not support a portal anymore and keep your inventory slim, but even after doing this the system will still email you notifications about these portals. I think you should only receive notifications about portals that you currently hold the key for. Also, I'd like to have the app create an Android notification instead of an email because I can respond to those more quickly than my current route which is to: filter ingress emails to a filter, get notifications in gmail on Android for this filter, open the email to find out which portal they are referring to, open ingress, sort through the portal key list, open the portal, recharge. (This all happens while the enemy is destroying my resonators!) If I could just click an Android notification and go right to the portal and recharge it.... it would make defending portals 1000000x easier !!!

Really like your portal key idea. +1

I am ok with SSH portal keys too! :)


It seems like the reason why this was not implemented, and I'm experiencing this right now in Chicago, is that you end up needing the other team. If they used support AP then you would end up focusing more on wiping out the other team. It would seem making you dependent on having an enemy to attack helps keep the game balanced, which makes it last a lot longer. I've seen that the game is supposed to have a life of a year and a half, and if you capture your city in the first few weeks, that time frame is going to be hard to reach.

i agree with you about support ap, but not with the way you suggested to earn them. hacking your own portals is useless to support team, its only use is to get items, and using those items you earn ap, i think it's enough. for upgrade and recharge i agree. also i think that ap should be earned for keeping a portal. e.g. you could earn x aps for every resonator for each day, so if you own a portal with 8 resonators you will earn 8*n ap the first day, 2*8*n ap the second and so on. if there's not such earn some players (like me) would hope to lose their portals to take them back and earn ap. also i think that if i link 2 portals everyone that placed resonators on it should earn aps.

i totally agree with your passcode system. a limit in the number of uses of the passcode as it is now is just silly...

i totally disagree with your thought about the keys. first of all it's not an exploit, you can get more than one key even without dropping the first, dropping just increase a bit the chanses to get the second one, but decreases the chanses to get other useful items... i think it's just fair enough...

Thanks for the feedback KoRRo. Have you acquired more than one key for the same portal just by hacking?


yes, it happened only once in the first portal i've hacked, 2 keys in 2 consecutive hacks. i was on 1.0.0, don't know if it changed in the latest versions.