Greetings Agents,

This morning I read an article about an off duty US navy sailor who recently defended herself from an attacker which made me think a bit about safety. Your missions are important as your faction depends on you, but even more important is that you make it home safely every day. That is why I drafted up a new component for the Ingress Bootcamp: Getting started guide, Ingress Safety Guide.



Do you know that your menu in this blog isn't working on mobile devices? I just can't navigate. I tried it with an iPhone 4S and a nexus s, same result. The tap on getting started works, but a tap on welcome to ingress just highlights investigation.

Sorry that I misused this comments section, but I wasn't able to get to the contact form because of this bug.

I will get it resolved, thanks for the heads up.


Be smart, if something is unsafe, do not take your chances. I carry a 9mm whenever i am out, but I am not going to go into a dangerous spot and invite an incident, that is foolish.

yes, i agree that safety first should always be observed at all instances specially if one is at work or doing special tasks, as well, sports related activities.