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Its time to kickoff today's contest. First person to come up with the answer we are looking for, wins an activation code. Every hour from when the contest starts that no one figures out the answer, I will post a new comment to the page giving you a hint. So if you are struggling, check back here. Remember, to be eligible, you need to have clicked the +1 button to the right and be a registered user of this site.


Find the message embedded within the clue.



Ainen figured out the language of the message first and Sherlock3000 figured out the translation first. I stumbled upon an extra invite and awarded them both. Today's challenge took just under an hour and a half to figure out.


On the second car of the bus below an advertisement is faint text. The text is in the Armenian alphabet and reads Նրանք մեր մեջ and translates to "They are among us", which was the answer we were looking for!


The clue was embedded by Michael Serra. See him if you need help touching up any images. The original image was created by Google for the Niantic Project

Good luck!



max payne

onuiup utn ut9

Opwup utp ut9

Or, onu1up utn ut9

Onwup utp ut9

What do the letters mean?


max payne
opwup ωp ω9

Onwu Output 9

it is a passcode

Oruiup utr ut9

Opuiup ullip ulli9

iota eta omega upsilon rho upsilon tau eta upsilon tau delta?


Com'on thats just the letters base64 encoded :)

Lion on the clock

Onwup wp w9

Thanks for sharing the original picture, erickmc956. Which text is different between the two and are you certain they are english letters? ;)


lunger -
Is this a multi-level puzzle?

Order of omega ?

Max payne - Order of omega :)

15:50 on the tower clock.


Today's challenge is not as leveled as yesterday's, but yes, there are essentially two steps.


A women on the left is missing.

Ha, you are right, they are two different photos which I didn't notice before. Focus on the text. :)


Will throw you a bone, it is not related to max payne, as that was in the original photo. :)


lol i dont know any other letters besides english. :-/

Then its time to investigate and learn! You are an operative, aren't you. ;)




trying to find the language