Klue seems to be onto something. What could eid11732 be?


is the number of a train at Zurich station

Did someone notice the brand of her beverage?

this is not EID 11732 She says die is german for the so it is eht11732 google that. Interesting stuff.

Edit: Upon further review I see nothing that is useful in a google search. maybe someone else will have luck...or maybe search on Google Germany?

I can't help much. But 117 is the emergency call number of Swiss police (http://www.erstehilfe.ch/). 'DIE' reverse is 'EID', a German word which makes sence in the Zuerich context (Eidgenossenschaft). What is 32 for?

Maybe it has something to do with the emergency call that was made by that woman on PAC's page (http://www.nianticproject.com/?id=sc102b). The file is named '03-Zurich117call.mp3'. My guess is that the 03 could explain the 3 in 11732, the 2 is maybe because of the 2nd of December when PAC posted the file on his website. This would mean that Tycho even knew that the emergency call (117) audio file was named that way (3) then posted on the website on the 2nd. Could be a lot of nonsense that I am talking either. :)
I can barely understand what the woman is saying on the phone, she is very hysterical and sounds scared to death. Is there someone from the Suisse who can make sense out of what she is saying because I can't understand that accent that good?
From what I understood, she says that she's at the train station and heard two shots from a pistol, saw the two bodies one woman one man on the floor, and made pictures and send them somewhere? Then she saw a car and some people who put the bodies in big black bags and into the car. She fears that she was seen by these guys and is really scared she might get shot too.

I don't think she wants us to use "eid" or "eht". I think she wants us to use "the," which she mentions is the English translation of "die" in German. I think she only wants the number reversed, and she's telling us to google "the 11732." It works even better if you google, "the 11732nd."
Get this - the 11732nd verse of the Bible reads as follows: "Now from the time that Amaziah did turn away from following Jehovah they made a conspiracy against him in Jerusalem; and he fled to Lachish: but they sent after him to Lachish, and slew him there." Sound familiar? It should - Amaziah Lachich is the name used by the person who emailed PAC about the Zurich murders! Not only that, but his story about a conspiracy, being pursued to another city, and being slain there is strikingly reminiscent of what happened to Devra and Jarvis. This could even indicate that AL is actually Devra! (It could even be Jarvis given the speculation of him acting from a different time or from beyond the grave as we have seen in several of the documents PAC has posted.) Regardless of any implications it may or may not have for the true identity of AL, it definitely points back to him/her.
There are lots of theories out there about what Klue meant, but I really think this is the only one that is an obvious, direct enough connection for her to be able to say, "Tell me I'm wrong."