Greetings Agents,

So today's contest ended quicker than I anticipated. User, moitoso, provided the correct answer within about 10 minutes of the contest going live. View Wednesday's Contest and Solution.

Today we started entering passcodes with information of how they were discovered if we know. You can head over to the Ingress Passcode Database to view the few entries we have created so far.

This afternoon, we experienced our first attack of cyber crime, when our server was crippled due to a Denial of Service (DoS) attack. We traced the IP of the attacker to the Barre Town Engineers Office in Vermont. I blocked the IP address of the attacker and put the server behind Amazon's Elastic Load Balancer which should help decrease the impact if this were to happen again. The down side is it has added more expense to the cost of maintaining the site but at least ad revenue has been keeping up with server costs for the most part. I will be filing a complaint with the FBI's cyber crime division.

Don't forget there will be another contest tomorrow @ 12PM EST (5PM GMT) for an Ingress invite code. I will do my best to make it last longer than 10 minutes tomorrow!