Ok, so we have learned about Linking Portals, now we are going to discuss how Xmp Bursters and how to attack an enemy factions portal.

Enlightened's portals show up green in color and the Resistance's portals show up blue in color. When you encounter an enemy's portal, your objective is to destroy it, then capture it for your team. To destroy it, you need to use an Xmp Burster.

Xmp Bursters are a Mission Item that emit a blast radius which causes portal resonators to discharge energy. When a resonator is completely discharged (to 0%), it is destroyed. When all 8 resonators have been destroyed, the portal becomes uncaptured and can be captured by you.

Xmp Bursters come in varying levels, starting with level 1 and ending with level 8. Each level increase, the Xmp Burster has a larger range for its area of affect. Any resonator within the area effect for a blast will be attacked by the burster.

This table lists the range of each Xmp Burster level.
Level Range (m) Damage
1 42 150
2 48 300
3 58 500
4 72 900
5 90 1200
6 112 1500
7 138 1800
8 168 2700

To use an Xmp Burster there are two methods. The first is to touch and hold on the map, then swipe up to "Fire Xmp" . This method will just use one of your highest available level bursters within your inventory. The second method is to click "OPS" in your scanner, then click "Filter" and select weapons. Then select the Xmp Burster you wish to use. You can only use Xmp Bursters that are at or below your current Access Level, e.g. you can use a L3 Xmp Burster if you are level 4, but not a L5 Xmp Burster.

As you are attacking the portal, you will not destroy any links on the portal until you have discharged the resonators to the point where they cannot produce enough energy to maintain the link. Remember, Resonator's power output is determined by its charge, as they lose charge, they lose strength. This makes it extremely easy for instance to destroy a portal link that extends 500km versus a portal link that extends 500m.