Ingress agents are not fortunate enough to have Q at their disposal like the infamous 007. So, they need to be savvy with the tools readily available. This post is going to cover recommended gear that all agents should be aware of so they can make the best of every situation. This gear has been recommended by experienced field agents so that newcomers can get up to speed quickly. As always, what is not listed below, is to make sure you have plenty of $$$ for gas (petrol for our non-us friends), parking tickets, and food!

Behind the wheel

USB Charger

For agents who just need to power a phone and/or tablet, a good DC charger will do the trick quite nicely. Here are a few. Keep in mind, that ones designed for Apple products often will not charge an Android device properly.

Power inverter

This is an extremely powerful tool for an agent powering several field devices (phone, tablet, and laptop!). These are inexpensive and should be equipped in every agent's vehicles. We chose these two mainly because they offer the longest cord length for an inverted below $30.

External battery

There are several external batteries to choose from that come in quite handy when keeping your gear charged enough for just one more XMP Blast. There are some things to know when choosing a external battery pack. The most important is that some devices work better with Apple i products than with Android based devices (sounds silly, i know). Also, some people have reported that when using a standard usb cable, they have only received a lower trickle charge out of some batteries. It is recommended to use the original usb charging cable or pickup an extra one specifically designed for charging.


Again, since we don't have access to GM's Tech Window yet, we need to create our own heads up display. This can be done simply with a good windshield or dashboard mount for your device.

On foot

Extra device battery

If your device has a replaceable batter, this is an effective way to stay light on your feet while increasing your time in the field. Below are links for replacement batteries for some of the more commonly used devices.

External battery

I have a larger section for external batteries above, but the ones listed here is very small and lightweight, which is useful on foot. Plus having the one with the flashlight would be mighty useful.

By pedal / throttle

Bicycle phone mount

Fantastic way to prevent an accidental drop and allow you to use your device while pedaling. This is a must have for any cyclist agent.

Motorcycle phone mount

Must have while cruising from portal to portal.

All situations

Armor (Jackets / Vests)

Having a jacket or vest with plenty of warmth and gadget compartments is a huge deal and invaluable to an agent of either faction. SCOTTEVEST has come as a recommended brand in this category and what sold me was how each of their items lists the number of pockets it has. A little pricier, but great reviews and a two year zero cost to the customer warranty (including shipping) makes this brand worth mentioning.


When you have to navigate to that slightly out of reach portal when the sun is down, having a flashlight is key.

Capacitive touch gloves

When the temperatures drop to freezing (and for our canadian friends Absolute Zero), you need to keep your fingers warm. What better way to do it than with gloves that are recognized by your touchscreen. There are several to choose from.

Proper protection for your devices

Device insurance is a joke because you pay $10 a month plus a $100 or more deductible. Better to spend the $25 or so to protect your device from those unexpected (really with Ingress, they are expected) drops. I love Otterbox myself, but Body Glove is also good.

Bluetooth headset

Our missions are important and we never know when an agent from an opposing faction could be lurking near us. This is why we need to keep our scanner's communications between the device and us. Not to mention, we are tired of explaining to passer by's what it is we are doing when they hear "Hacking"...


Carrying your gear and not passing out from heat exhaustion are important, thats why we like the following CamelBak bag which offers solutions for both. But you can always get a hydration bladder separately.