Truths33k3r posted a new reddit discussion on 12/20/2012 of a Klue meme that was a new clue, a Klue clue. The title of the discussion was 'vcf.zp/RRFHY' which oddly looks like a shortened url. The Klue meme contained 'PORTER SQUARE STATION' 'A NICE SPOT TO VISIT LIVE OR ONLINE'. If you take the title of the discussion and run it through a Vigenere cipher using 'PORTER' as the key, you get 'goo.gl/ACRQF' which IS a shortened url. Navigate there to find a new image which has the Niantic logo and a barcode. The clear barcode is a red herring and not the next step. If you look in the lower right hand corner, there is another barcode somewhat hidden. Open the image in Photoshop or Gimp and jack the brightness and contrast all the way up. Scan the barcode to get 'goo.gl/mZJoh' which is another short url. Navigate there to get to the storyboard document. Hidden in the storyboard document is the passcode. It is difficult to read the beginning, so the elite code breakers brute forced it.