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There is nothing quite like finding a hobby or something that you are interested in. When you first find it, you are excited and devour anything on the matter. However, it reaches a limit where you can only enjoy your hobby alone so much.

Thus, the next best thing – and it could even be greater – is when you find like-minded individuals who share your interests and passion.

For gaming, one way to find these people is through the gaming events that are happening each month. These include video game tournaments, conferences and expos, and other events about gaming.

Let’s take a look at upcoming gaming events you should attend.

Game On E-Sports Tournament

First up, we have the Game On E-Sports Tournament. This event will be taking place on January 19 at the Oxnard Performing Arts center in Oxnard.

This event is a big gaming event that hosts a number of game tournaments. The people who put together this event put heavy emphasis on playing within a community, as well as on skill and accuracy within the game.

The format of the tournament is open, which means that anyone can attend and work their way through the ranks in order to become the best gamer there.

The venue has two areas where tournaments will be played at the same time. Sporting massive screens that take the floor up to the ceiling, this will allow spectators to get the best views no matter where they sit.

Mobile Gaming Asia Summit 2019

Next up, we have the Mobile Gaming Asia Summit 2019. Games have grown from consoles, to computers, and now to your smartphone.

The market for mobile games has grown exponentially throughout the past few years. So much so that a great number of developers are turning up to develop mobile games.

This event will become a hub for mobile gaming in Southeast Asia. It brings together talented developers, telecommunication companies, government sectors, experts, and many other relevant positions to talk about the state of mobile gaming and how to improve it.

Key topics in the conference include the monetization of in-game content, the engagement towards the users of the mobile games, and several strategies that you can use to achieve success.

This event takes place on January 29 to 30, at the Zhongshan Park in Singapore. Check out other articles where we tackle some health tips for MMO players and outline up and coming MMO games.

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