The Best PS4 Couch Co-op Games

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One of the best features of video game systems in the past was the option to connect a second controller, sit down on the sofa with a friend, and play a game together on one screen. PC players were required to organize a LAN party, which is fun but involves a lot of planning. All gamers had to do was turn on their consoles.

Unfortunately, those days appear to be over when it comes to home consoles. Even on the most popular system of this generation, the PS4, local multiplayer on a single machine and screen, is rare. The only purpose of having a second controller for your PS4 is to replace the controller battery when it dies.

Eternal Collection for Diablo III

The first Diablo revolutionized computer role-playing games, and it was even released on the PlayStation 1. No one had fully nailed this usually mouse-centric genre using a controller before the release of Diablo III on platforms.

Diablo III is not only the best version of the game to play, but it also succeeds in bringing the Diablo experience to the PS4. Yes, this version is even better than the PC version! Diablo III also offers a fantastic couch co-op mode. On one screen, up to four players can blast through hordes of demons and other foes using mind-bending attacks and skills.

The lack of split-screen is the sole flaw in this dark fantasy RPG handling local multiplayer. All characters must stay near one another, and players must take turns accessing menus.

Although a quick-equip system is in place to help lessen the time this takes. Titan Quest for PS4 is a classic Diablo II experience on the PS4, complete with a proper separate split-screen. It’s a little buggy and clumsy to operate, but it’s still a lot of fun.

The Handsome Collection of Borderlands

Borderlands 3 is out now, and while it’s a good game for Borderlands fans, Borderlands 2 remains the pinnacle of this addicting looter-shooter franchise. Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Prequel are included in this deal and all DLC.

This is a must-have for anyone wishing to play something with their pals, with a very warped sense of humor, great first-person shooting, and an enormously enjoyable split-screen mode. The low-gravity gameplay in the Prequel may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s a great accompaniment to the main entrée.

League of Legends

It can be tough to explain what Rocket League is. RC cars are used to play soccer. Isn’t it a straightforward concept? In practice, though, Rocket League is a game of great skill. It’s no easy task to keep your car under control and get the ball into the goal. It’s addictive entertainment, and playing against competent opponents online can be extremely gratifying.

We can also play locally with a friend in split-screen couch co-op mode, which is fantastic. Best of all, you can play in groups or against other players. Rocket League is a cheap game that will provide hours of semi-frustrated fun and fantastic “did you see that?!?” moments, and it deserves to be included on this list.

PS4 Edition of Minecraft

Minecraft is a worldwide phenomenon that continues to be one of the most popular online multiplayer games. Minecraft is an ideal game of survival and creativity, in case you didn’t know. In Creative mode, players can freely construct objects out of in-game blocks, or they can try their hand at survival in the harsh, blocky wilderness in Survival mode. Where you must build whatever you require before the Minecraft world’s animals capture you.

Split-screen mode is only available on console versions of the game (except the Vita). That means you and a friend can pass the time avoiding creepers and constructing a flawless model of the USS Enterprise out of dirt cubes.

Don’t go hungry together.

Don’t Starve was a weird survival game with a universe heavily influenced by Lovecraft and an art style reminiscent of Tim Burton. It has a sizable fanbase, and the only thing that the game’s fans wanted was multiplayer, which the makers finally provided. Except they chose to bundle and market it as Don’t Starve Together, a new game.

This was justified because the game had to be completely reworked for multiplayer balance. If you and a friend want to pit yourselves against the dark and moody wilderness while keeping your sanity, it’s not very expensive.

It’s also available as part of a mega-pack, which is the greatest deal if you don’t already possess the original game.


The so-called “Metroidvania” games are still quite popular. The main feature of these games, titled after Metroid and Castlevania, is that you can’t progress until you have particular abilities. So you’ll strike a brick wall, then retrace till you discover the right power, which you’ll utilize to continue forward.

Guacamelee (and its sequel) are likely the best recent takes on this game genre.

This game has fantastic comedy and fast action for platforming and combat and is set in a unique, Luchador-centric setting full of fiery South American flavor. You die, are resurrected as a luchador, and must save the damsel in distress.

As an elevator pitch, Guacamelee is quite straightforward, but you and a friend will discover that it provides a humorous journey unlike any other game of its genre. It’s an absolute must-have.

Series Trine

You may recall a game called The Lost Vikings if you’re an older gamer. It was created by a small studio known as Silicon and Synapse, which later became Blizzard Entertainment, and they’re probably unknown to you.

In The Lost Vikings, you control three characters, each with their skills. To get to the finish of each level, you must use their special abilities.

If you replace “The Lost Vikings” with “Trine,” you’ll get a good notion of this modern game. Trine 1 was released in 2009, but both sequels are also available on PS4. It’s chock-full of funny storylines, clever gameplay, and a good couch co-op gaming mode in which each player controls a thief, wizard, or knight to solve puzzles, defeat bad guys, and progress to the next sector.

Series: Overcooked

Nintendo games have a unique charm and fun that is hard to find outside of their gated garden, even for PS4 lovers. Overcooked is one of those games that, in another universe, could have been a Nintendo title.

Overcooked is designed for local co-op, so it thrives when played with someone on the other side of the screen. The goal is to complete food orders as a team, and dishes require specific ingredients to be combined in a particular order. Working alongside the other person like a well-oiled machine is the only way to finish this within the time frame.

It may have cute graphics, but don’t be fooled by how wild and difficult this game can be. There are two core Overcooked games available at the time of writing, both of which are a delight to play with a friend on the sofa.

Resident Evil 5 is the fifth installment in the Resident Evil series.

On the PS4, Resident Evil has gotten a lot of love, especially with remakes of the original games. Resident Evil 5 does, however, have the best execution of split-screen co-op in the series.

It also features an original African environment and furious combat with intriguing foes. You can’t go wrong with RE 5 if you enjoy outstanding third-person action games and know someone who also wants them.

Original Sin II (Divinity)

Divinity: Original Sin II is widely regarded as one of the best video game RPGs, providing a more story-driven, less hectic alternative to Diablo III. Although combat is significant, it is not the game’s major focus; role-playing and exploration are heavily emphasized.

The game has a good split-screen option, with each player controlling their character independently. This game is wonderful as a solo experience, but the inclusion of local co-op effectively doubles the amount of playtime available in the core single-player game.

Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform multiplayer, but you and a local friend can link up with two other players online to make a four-player party, so it is versatile.

Divinity: Original Sin II has received nearly universal praise from critics and fans, so if you enjoy computer RPGs, it should already be on your purchase list.

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